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Oh how I love lifestyle newborn sessions! There is just something so genuine and natural about these types of sessions that make my heart sing. The early days with a newborn baby are so fleeting – the exhaustion, the new (or lack-of) routine, the change in the family dynamic. These sessions are a little glimpse of what that can represent.

At the end of January I met with Amber and Steve to photograph their new little addition, with big brother of course. I loved so many images from this session that it was really hard to chose my favourites!







Dear Jacob and Mason,

March has been a very busy and fun month for all of us! Sleep overs at Nana and Grandpas, birthday parties and a fun Easter weekend! Mommy’s a little exhausted but that’s just the norm with twins isn’t it?

March has also showed us some spring weather (finally!) and I am so happy to have been able to get outside with you two some more.  Even better, you guys have bikes now that we will get to take full advantage of now (thanks to some birthday money, thanks Nana!)  I’m so glad that we have a big back yard to run around in, to play and “drive” your car around, and kick the soccer ball in.  Hopefully after this bout of rain we have the sun will stay around a little longer and that we can get more use out of it 🙂


I love this time of year when I can sit outside and watch you guys play in what obviously is your element.  Grass, dirt, balls, trucks, sand, bugs.  I love watching your imagination now in the form of games and role playing and storytelling.  You guys are so stinking cute and funny and smart all rolled into two different boys 🙂 I  love you!

Love Mommy xoxoxox

This is part of the series “Letters to Our Sons”, a blog circle with a fabulous bunch of women from Clickin’Moms.  Please continue on in the circle and visit Azka’s blog here to read her letter.

I absolutely love the “Letters to Our Sons” project that I am a part of.  I always think I am going to run out of things to write about , but I never am. I always have so much to say about them, and things to tell them, so this project is super easy.

I know I said last month that I was going to write a letter to Jacob starting the year off, but me and Mason have been doing some pretty spectacular stuff in December that I really wanted to share!

Yes, not everyone will thing this is an exciting accomplishment (you will when you are a parent though!!), but Mason is potty trained!! So this is my short but sweet letter to Mason this month 🙂


Dear Mason,

I am so very proud of you and your accomplishments these past couple of weeks!  Being a big boy now and going on the potty is such an awesome thing!  I knew it was time for you and you just “got it” right away.  I love the excitement on your face when we celebrate, the big  wide grin that crosses your face as mommy and you both say “You Did It!!!”   It takes a lot to get to this point, and getting it right. Sure, mommy is excited that their is one less bum to change (still have to train your twin brother!!) but I am more excited for you and your sheer “big boy” happiness that comes with it.  I know you are proud of yourself too 🙂

Just another drop in the bucket of your adventures growing older. Potty Training now… soon you will be driving! Okay, maybe not that soon, but the way things feel to me, that’s the way it seems.   Two more months and you’ll be three.  Love you Mason, my big growing boy.

Love Mommy

PS. Now can you show your brother how its done??

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