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2016 seems to be a year of babies to me!  I don’t know if part of it is being pregnant myself and just noticing or being around more pregnant women or if there really is something in the water, but so far all of my sessions this year have been maternity  and/or newborn.  And I really cannot get enough of these babies!

My first maternity session of the year was with Colleen and Dylan in early February.  The rain managed to stay away long enough for us to get some outdoor photos done with their two doggies.  Check out some of my favourites from their session below!



Dear Mason and Jacob,

October was such a great month!  Other than our colds and the visit we had to the hospital one night for Jacob’s wheezing (darn colds!!), I think it was fun 🙂  I love the peak of Fall – – the colours, the crispy air making its presence known.  I love Thanksgiving, and Halloween and anything pumpkin.  I should have written more about Thanksgiving and pumpkins last month, but even though October has been a fun month, it was also one of the busiest months in a while!  So now is the time to do a replay of this past month 🙂

I was so happy that we made it to the pumpkin patch this year.  We had been going every year since you were born except last year we missed going and I was bummed out about it (I don’t think you guys cared either way…. thankfully).  But I was determined to take you there this year.  It was a perfect fall day. Not too wet, not too cool.  I got to dress you in your adorable new-to-us corduroy jackets and got ready with my camera in tow.

Mason, you are such a ham now in front of the camera. I know how you are kinda really sick of me sticking a camera in your face. But I am glad you humoured me for once and let me have a couple photos of you where you didn’t make a goofy face.  You might not have been smiling, but I will take what I can get!

Jacob, right now you are my easy poser…. I know this won’t last forever either, so thank you for letting me photograph you all day too. 

Nov 1blog


It was so funny watching you two pick out your pumpkins.  Just the process of that showed how different your two personalities are.  You may be twins, but you are NOT alike in many many ways.  Mason, you scanned the large field of pumpkins and pretty quickly ran over to the one that you wanted, examined it and promptly claimed it as yours.  Jacob, you are Mr. Indecisive. You found one, liked it for a minute until you found something you liked more.   Then as we thought we had them both picked, you changed your mind again.  And again. And again. Then when you appeared to finally be happy with your selection we headed off down the trail again to head to the exit.  On our way to the very edge of the field, with your ‘perfect pumpkin’ in your little arms you spotted your ultimate pumpkin.  You promptly dropped the one you were carrying and decided “THIS here is my pumpkin”. It was small. It was kind of funny shaped.  But you were proud. 

And that was all that mattered.

You guys are both so perfect to me in your own individual way. I love watching you both and laughing inside and out at your antics.  Mason and Jacob, you make my heart smile every day. I love you!

Till next month, 

~Mommy xoxoxo


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