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Back in October I got to meet up with a lovely family to do an extended family session. With two new additions to their family it was great to capture the dynamics between siblings and cousins.  I love how the blue in their outfits pop against the fall backdrop.






May was my busy wedding month! I don’t typically take on that many weddings in a year, but this year I had two in May.

This first one was particularly fun for me to be a part of as I have know the bride and her family since I was 6! It was great to catch up with them all and was honoured to be able to photograph their special day!

Take a peek – Mike’s got his hands full with all those girls!




















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And just because – my Miss Mia because she is too cute (cute but trouble!!)

Meow-y Christmas!

My boys turned 4 last week! How on earth did that happen?  It feels like just yesterday I was up at 1,3,4, & 6am sitting on my bed feeding both of them at the same time (phew…..those days are a blurred memory!)  Oh how times have changed.

It has been a while since I wrote a letter to my boys, so I thought now would be a good excuse 🙂

Dear Mason and Jacob,

Four years have flown by in a blink of an eye.  I remember my Dad telling me about how it feels like time speeds up as we get older, and me – during the teenage and young adult years – not really understanding how that could be possible, because it felt like time was always slowing down for me; felt like it took forever for anything exciting to happen.

Then it happens.  It feels like overnight, or some day around the age of 23, when it hit me that he was right (yes Dad, there are times that you are right, hehe).  Days and weeks seem to go by in hyper speed and things like catching up with friends seem harder and harder to do.  But then, kids come along, and hyper speed accelerates to the next level.  You guys are my proof of that.

Mason – You have been my energetic little jelly bean since you were a jelly bean.  I love your beaming smile, your silly dances, your genuine concern for others when they are sad or hurt.  You love your family, your cars, your striped blanket and monster truck games.  You are excited to start preschool and have learned so much in the last 4 years, I can’t even keep up with what you know!  Feels like only yesterday you were toddling around making “truck” noises and pointing at everything that had a wheel on it.

Jacob – My fiery little cuddle bug.  You crack me up daily with your demands – you know what you want and nobody will sway you from that (sounds a little like your father ;D ).  You love to help me put the groceries and dishes away, but you hate cleaning up your own toys.  You love your family, your Thomas blanket,  your trains and your “pets”.  You are also excited to start preschool and you blow me away with how neat you can write your name already!

I love you two more than you will ever know.  Yes, every mom says that to her child, but it is the truth.  You make my heart melt, smile and sing every day.  Happy Birthday my sons.

Love Mommy xoxoxo


It’s time again for another letter to my son.  This time around I am writing to my oldest-by-one-minute son, Mason.

Dear Mason,

I have been watching you a lot lately. Watching you talk. Watching you colour. Watching you make up imaginary games with your brother.  I love watching you because you are so full of joy and light and energy!  I watch you because you remind me to take note of things and do things that I often push aside.  Things like how good that orange scented soap really smells (“Mom, my hands smell sooooo gooood!”).  And that being goofy releases a lot of tension!! (“Wind me up mommy, then I go really really fast!”) 

My favourite thing right now is listening to you talk.  You have A LOT to say, and the way your articulate your thoughts, questions and stories just makes me smile so much. Where did you learn all of this from??  

I think my most favourite thing right now is watching you draw.  It seemed like overnight that you started really showing an interest it it.  Now it seems that every day when I get home from work, you like to sit at your little table in the kitchen and draw picture after picture while I make dinner.  I honestly couldn’t wait for you guys to start doodling as I love drawing myself and rarely get to do it anymore.  (It is something I must get back into!).  Mommy’s got some pretty artistic blood in her family so I have always wanted to see if you guys would be too. I know that you are only 3, and most 3 year olds love to draw, but either way, it is my favourite thing right now to watch 🙂 Your favourite things to draw right now are wheels and cars (wonder where that comes from?? ha ha)…and you drew a “boy” too!  Yes, this momma is proud 🙂

Mason, you and your brother make me so proud every day.  I love looking at you two and thinking, “Wow! These awesome little guys are my own!”  

Till next time,

Mommy xoxoxo

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