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Oh how I love lifestyle newborn sessions! There is just something so genuine and natural about these types of sessions that make my heart sing. The early days with a newborn baby are so fleeting – the exhaustion, the new (or lack-of) routine, the change in the family dynamic. These sessions are a little glimpse of what that can represent.

At the end of January I met with Amber and Steve to photograph their new little addition, with big brother of course. I loved so many images from this session that it was really hard to chose my favourites!







At the end of October I had the wonderful opportunity to photograph the sweet new addition of some friends. Miss Ella arrived in the middle of October, and it looks like daddy’s going to have his hands full with two adorable girls 🙂

Little Miss Ella didn’t want to sleep for us that day, but that is alright 🙂 We still got some adorable shots that I know that mommy Ashley and daddy Joe will treasure forever.






After a couple months hiatus from my monthly blog circle, I am pleased to be back at it with another letter to my sons.

Hi Boys,

Sorry it has been a few months since I last wrote to you. The end of summer got really busy with our holidays and work and all that kind of stuff and now that we are nearly a month into Fall, I look back at the great Summer we had this year.  Even though I know we did a lot of things, I always feel bad for the things we plan to do and the places we plan to go that never end up materializing.   Days and weekends fill up quickly and in one blink the summer is gone.  

Luckily this summer we did manage to spend a lot of time outside. Water fights. Water parks. Riding your bikes.  The highlight I think is always our trip to Auntie’s house in Fruitvale. The long road trip is always daunting to me, but you guys really do quite well on an 8+ hour car ride.  Next years trip will come even sooner and be even more exciting as we will be going to their wedding next time we head there! 



Jacob – You have had a great last couple of weeks with your potty training progress! Mommy and Daddy (and Mason too!) are so so proud of you and I know you are proud of yourself too. Your favourite things to do right now are playing with your little characters, animals and cars…making little conversations between them and scenarios.  I love overhearing your role-playing, it is so darn cute.  Your favourite colour is still red.  You aren’t sure what you want to be for Halloween yet, even though you do go back to “Bumble bee!”… that’s what you were last year.


Mason – K’nex and legos are your new “FAVOURITE!” things to play with. I think we finally found something that gets your attention held for hours on end 🙂 I love seeing what kinds of creations you come up with. Last week you were making me a “Super Machine” that cleans up things for me (if only!) and yesterday you made a “lollipop mountain”.  I love your imagination. As of yesterday you were still undecided on your Halloween costume as well. 


Now that October is here, all I can think about is Halloween, then Christmas, then New Years, then your 4th Birthday! I know there are a few months thrown in there, but all I swear it is going by much too fast.

I love you guys both so much.

Till next month,

~Mommy xoxoxo


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Dear Jacob and Mason,

March has been a very busy and fun month for all of us! Sleep overs at Nana and Grandpas, birthday parties and a fun Easter weekend! Mommy’s a little exhausted but that’s just the norm with twins isn’t it?

March has also showed us some spring weather (finally!) and I am so happy to have been able to get outside with you two some more.  Even better, you guys have bikes now that we will get to take full advantage of now (thanks to some birthday money, thanks Nana!)  I’m so glad that we have a big back yard to run around in, to play and “drive” your car around, and kick the soccer ball in.  Hopefully after this bout of rain we have the sun will stay around a little longer and that we can get more use out of it 🙂


I love this time of year when I can sit outside and watch you guys play in what obviously is your element.  Grass, dirt, balls, trucks, sand, bugs.  I love watching your imagination now in the form of games and role playing and storytelling.  You guys are so stinking cute and funny and smart all rolled into two different boys 🙂 I  love you!

Love Mommy xoxoxox

This is part of the series “Letters to Our Sons”, a blog circle with a fabulous bunch of women from Clickin’Moms.  Please continue on in the circle and visit Azka’s blog here to read her letter.

I love meeting up with people that I haven’t seen in ages.  Back in November I got to meet up with an old friend from childhood that I haven’t seen in years.  I had the opportunity to photograph her daughter Aislinn who was a VERY smiley 3 month old. She is a doll with lots of personality already!

Thank you Tammy, Leo and Aislinn for letting me photograph you guys!