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While I slowly play blog catch up on the things I have been up to this year I am reminded of the way things have changed a little in how I view what it is that I like to do.

I had a few goals that I started the year off with. A few business ones; lots of family ones – and of course some personal ones.
I had been feeling like I was stuck in my photography. Unmotivated. Blah. Everything felt the same. And I looked at my work and wondered why I spent so much time and effort creating images that I didn’t love? I knew I needed something different – a change; a push. It had been ages since I did a workshop, so that was the first thing on my list. And the one I had been eyeing for quite some time was Kate Densmore’s “Voice and Visual Intent” on the In Beauty & Chaos forum. Once I heard that the final run of that workshop was slated for May, I knew I had to get in on it.

While I was unable to take the workshop as a Full Participant, I was still fortunate to get in as a Silent Participant. And very fortunate indeed! It was just what I needed. A push. A challenge. I really needed to look at what I was photographing and how I was. What did I enjoy capturing? What was my work trying to say? In my client work and my personal work? It was really eye opening. I still feel like I can read the course over again and learn a whole bunch more that I didn’t learn about myself the first time. That is the beauty of it!

Here are a few of my favourite images that I took during my workshop:






After I started the workshop I also had the amazing opportunity to have a portfolio review by Kate Densmore herself. Honestly, I was terrified! I haven’t had much of my work honestly critiqued before and I wasn’t sure what to expect. After sending off 30 images to her to look at, she took the time to put her feedback into a beautifully written PDF. I was then so pleased to be able to see my images and her words put together in a magazine style printed book. It felt so “official!”.

Look at how nice it is!




Between the Voice and Visual Intent workshop (which is now offered independantly on her website) and the awesome portfolio review, my eyes where opened with a new perspective. It was great to hear what another person sees when they look at my work – and which areas I am strong on, and which areas need improvement. That is the beauty of any craft that one can undertake – it is forever evolving. I have lots to learn and grow, and I am excited at the possibilities of finding my true voice <3

To find out more about Kate’s Voice and Visual Intent workshop as well as her personal portfolio review option, please visit her website at

Catching up again – I feel funny posting these maternity sets now as the babies have since been born (in reference to this post and the last one). But a girl only has so much time on her hands during this beautiful time of year!

Back in March I met up with Jaspreet, her husband and her son to capture some unique maternity photos. I had originally photographed her back in 2012 when she was pregnant with her son and was thrilled to see a message from her wanting photography done for baby #2. Then, once she told me that her vision involved traditional attire and a horse I was really excited!

Below are some captures from that beautiful day.