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Letters to Our Sons – December 2017 {Abbotsford Lifestyle Photographer}

A few years ago I was a part of a blog circle, Letters to Our Sons, where we wrote a letter once a month addressed toView full post »

My Twins are 4! {Fraser Valley Family Photographer}

My boys turned 4 last week! How on earth did that happen?  It feels like just yesterday I was up at 1,3,4, & 6amView full post »

Pumpkin Patch {Letters to Our Sons – November} Abbotsford Photography

Dear Mason and Jacob, October was such a great month!  Other than our colds and the visit we had to the hospital oneView full post »

Abbotsford Lifestyle Photographer {Letters To Our Sons – October}

After a couple months hiatus from my monthly blog circle, I am pleased to be back at it with another letter to myView full post »

Letters to our Sons – July 2013 {Your Abbotsford Family Photographer}

Dear Mason and Jacob, I feel bad, because at this moment, I am not really sure what to write to you both about.  MyView full post »

My Happy, Happy Boy {Abbotsford Family Lifestyle Photographer}

It’s time again for another letter to my son.  This time around I am writing to my oldest-by-one-minute son,View full post »

Letters To Our Sons – May 2013 {Fraser Valley Family Photographer}

Another month (plus 10 days!) has gone by since my last letter to my sons.  If you are just tuning in now, I am part ofView full post »

Letters To Our Sons – April 2013 {Abbotsford Family Photographer}

Dear Jacob and Mason, March has been a very busy and fun month for all of us! Sleep overs at Nana and Grandpas,View full post »

Letters to our Sons – March 2013 {Abbotsford Family Photographer}

I’ve been looking forward to writing this months letter for a couple of weeks now.  I always experience a momentView full post »

Letters to Our Sons – February 2013 {Abby Lifestyle Photographer}

Dear Jacob, You are a very unique little guy.  I am so excited to dedicate my letter this month to you. As I walkedView full post »

Letters to Our Sons – January 2013 {Abbotsford Toddler Photographer}

I absolutely love the “Letters to Our Sons” project that I am a part of.  I always think I am going to runView full post »

Letters to Our Sons – December 2012 {Abbotsford Lifestyle Photography}

Today is the December installment of the “Letters to Our Sons” blog circle project.  You can find the first round fromView full post »

Letters To Our Sons – November 2012

I am so pleased to have joined another blog circle with some more wonderfully talented women from ClickinMoms.  ThisView full post »