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Letters to Our Sons – December 2017 {Abbotsford Lifestyle Photographer}

A few years ago I was a part of a blog circle, Letters to Our Sons, where we wrote a letter once a month addressed toView full post »

Kaylyn & Lance {Surrey Wedding Photographer}

So I decided to spend some of my 2015 Christmas break finishing up on blogging the rest of 2015’s photographyView full post »

Voice & Visual Intent and a Portfolio Review {Abbotsford Photographer}

While I slowly play blog catch up on the things I have been up to this year I am reminded of the way things haveView full post »

P52+ Week 20 – Boys and Light {Abbotsford Life Photographer}

This week I started a workshop – one that I have been dying to take for over a year, and the first workshop IView full post »

P52+ Week 14 – Easter! {Abbotsford Life Photographer}

Catching up! I have been so behind on posting my P52 images! The photos have been taken, but getting around to bloggingView full post »

Lifestyle Newborn

Ellie {Abbotsford Newborn Photographer}

2015 seems to be the year of babies! I know lots of people in my life either pregnant or having just had a baby, asView full post »

P52+ Week 6 & Week 7 {Abbotsford Newborn Photographer}

So…. since I was out of town for Week 6 I am posting both my week 6 and 7 images today. I don’t think IView full post »

Boys will Be Boys – February {Abbotsford Lifestyle Photographer}

A little late, but better late than never, right?  I am a little behind on my blogging after a week away (the longestView full post »

P52+ – Week 4 – Seed {Abbotsford Photographer}

Last weekend I thought I would play around with my macro extension tubes and a whole bunch of seed.  For most peopleView full post »

P52+ – Week 3 {Fraser Valley Photographer}

Short and sweet today 🙂 A beautiful shot from yesterday morning!View full post »

Boys Will Be Boys – January {Abbotsford Lifestyle Photographer}

I am excited to be back at it with some very talented ladies with our “Boys Will Be Boys” blog circle.View full post »

P52 – Week1 – Sleeping Babies {Abbotsford Life Photographer}

One of my personal projects this year was to do a Project52.  Now, this isn’t the first time I have attempted aView full post »

Boys Will Be Boys – October 2014 {Abbotsford Family Photographer}

This month I got a new-to-me film camera to play with!  So last weekend we took the boys to a new playground to try itView full post »