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A few years ago I was a part of a blog circle, Letters to Our Sons, where we wrote a letter once a month addressed to our boy (or boys).  I enjoyed being a part of it and really looked forward to it every month for nearly a year.  Sooner or later it kind of petered out and being almost 4 years later, I almost forgot about it.  Then last week I had a “memory” pop up on my TimeHop app, and I started reading my old letters to my twins.  Man, oh man did I get nostalgic and weepy! All of these little reminders of their early personalities, funny moments and just general things that I have all but forgotten just really made me miss them at that age and remember why I took part in that blog circle in the first place.  At the time it was an outlet, and something that I had hoped one day I could give to them when they got older.  But I didn’t think about how much would enjoy reading these letters, years later.

So with that said, I am going to start up these letters again on my blog, both for my sons and for my future self.  And now I have a 3rd son since I last wrote a letter, nearly 4 years ago.

Easton, my baby, this newest letter is for you. (Below)


Dear Easton,

Look at you! My 3rd baby boy.  You are almost 18 months already! In that short amount of time you have brought so much light and laughs into the hearts of our family.  Your brothers adore you.  Your Dad and Me are absolutely smitten.  And that cheeky smile of yours sure gets you out of a lot of trouble… lol.  I cannot imagine you not being in our lives.  You complete our family.




I must admit that when I found out we were having a 3rd boy, I was a little weary lol.  Having twin boys right off the bat the first time, I knew how much busier I was going to be.  Boys are so busy!  So loud! So messy! (that said, I know girls who are equally so).  I was going to be forever outnumbered in this house full of testosterone.  How am I going to one day feed 3 teenage boys??

But boys are SO so awesome.  Little boys love their mama’s like nobody else.  Bigger boys too.  They give the biggest, squeeziest hugs.  Their tears could break your heart.  Their love of adventure and exploring, building things and knocking them down, can turn anyone’s mood around.




Easton, you are my sunshine boy.  You are probably my most laid back child ever.  You are also the biggest ham.  SO hammy, it’s almost unbearable, lol.  And your brothers, oh you love your brothers so much.  I love watching this new dynamic in our family of big and little brother. You like to follow them and mimic them all of the time, of course picking up some of their bad habits already.  But that’s to be expected I guess.



Your brothers have learned a lot from you as well.  How to be more tender and caring, not that they weren’t already, but I have really witnessed them grow in this area since you came into our lives.  And even though they don’t always want you hanging around (like that time a couple weeks ago where you wandered into their room and destroyed Mason’s lego truck… oh the tears…), they do like to include you in many other “big boy” activities.


Easton, I look forward to writing more letters to you, and to your brothers.

We love you, cheeky monkey <3

~Love Mom